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Hi, I'm Dr. Brian Arnold

Experience with Heart


My 7 years working in a veterinary emergency room taught me one very big lesson - an owners' final moments with their pet are the most precious.


It is during those times when the most care must be given to ensure they are as peaceful and comfortable as possible. Creating a space in this sensitive time where love can be shared and goodbyes offered is what I aim to provide.

As a life-long pet owner from hedgehogs and gerbils, to cats and dogs, I can empathize with the strong connection we can have with our pets. I recognize and respect your and your pets relationship and emotions, and the strong bond that you share. Your pets comfort will always take precedence in every decision that is made.

Saying goodbye can be difficult.

It is Dr. Arnold's goal to provide a peaceful and comfortable transition for your pet, surrounded by the love and support of their family. The death of a family pet can bring grief to everyone, including other pets. Being at home allows the whole family to be there together.

Learn more about pet grief here.

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