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Personalized Pet Care with a Compassionate Touch

Your comfort matters second to only your pet's during this process.

To ensure your family receives the best services, let's begin with a conversation to determine what is the right fit.


In-Home Care

During your pets' most difficult hours, Dr. Arnold brings care directly to them in their own home, so that the stressful trip to the veterinary hospital can be avoided. This allows for both you and your pet to be as relaxed and as comfortable as possible during this very difficult time.

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End-of-Life Services

Dr. Arnold understands how very precious and important your final moments are with your pet, and has dedicated his career to helping keep these moments as dignified and peaceful as possible.

He offers in-home humane euthanasia and after-care services to ensure a peaceful and comfortable transition for your pet.


Dr. Arnold works with Valley Pet Loss Center in Livermore to provide cremation services to ensure that your pets remains are treated with dignity.

Private Cremation

Private Cremation allows for your pets ashes to be collected and returned to you. All private cremation includes a wood box with up to two lines of engraving with 26 characters per line.

Communal Cremation

The cremains of all pets that are cremated communally are spread respectfully on private land.


Dr. Arnold works with qualified professionals to ensure a seamless process. Valley Pet Loss brings the same commitment and love that Pets at Peace promises.

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